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Program evaluation and applied research are central activities within Aporia Consulting Ltd., with the principals and all associates holding advanced degrees in research areas (e.g., epidemiology, psychology, educational administration, measurement). The firm has a long history of conducting program evaluations of public sector programs to provide clients with insights about what is working and how to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and undertaking research studies to extend the local knowledge base.

Within the program evaluation and applied research domain, the Aporia principals have been involved in evaluation and research projects such as:

  • External review of the Learning Services Department (Waterloo District School Board)
  • Examining the implementation and impact of technology-based professional learning on Assessment for Learning understanding and practice (Lakehead District School Board)
  • A longitudinal examination of perceptions and attributions of graduate "preparedness" (Avon Maitland District School Board)
  • Researching the role of the Supervisory Officer as instructional leader (Ontario Provisional Supervisory Officers Association in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education and 6 Ontario school districts)
  • Improving student achievement of First Nation students through increased attendance and engagement (NOEL — 7 northern Ontario school districts)
  • External evaluation research of the ArtsSmarts student engagement initiative within Quebec English language schools (ArtsSmarts Foundation)
  • Analysis of selected Aboriginal education reports to inform evaluation on the progress of the implementation of Ontario's First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Education Policy Framework (Ontario Ministry of Education, Aboriginal Education Office)
  • Researching the ways in which assessment, evaluation, and grading practices are being understood and applied in Ontario secondary schools (Ontario Teachers's Federation and Ontario Ministry of Education)
  • External evaluation for the Web Based Teaching Tool for early identification and intervention of at-risk primary students (The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario).
  • Investigating teachers's mplementation of Assessment for Learning (Ontario Ministry of Education and the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board)
  • Examining the practitioner's voice on the ECE/teacher relationship in implementing the Ontario Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (FDELKP) in Year One (MISA GTA Professional Network Centre)
  • Investigating the implementation of cross-school networked learning communities (District School Board of Niagara)
  • Implementation and outcome evaluation of a multi-site summer literacy camp (The Stephen Leacock Foundation)
  • Formative evaluation of the first stages of a district-wide multi-school learning network scale-up initiative (York Region District School Board)
  • Researching the implementation of cross-school networked learning communities (York Region District School Board)
  • Formative evaluation of Next Practice, a UK based program to stimulate, incubate and accelerate innovation in the public sector. (The Innovation Unit)
  • Evaluation of the Quality Teaching Research and Development program, an integrated professional development program designed to improve teaching for Maori and Pasifika students in New Zealand. (New Zealand Ministry of Education)
  • Evaluation of the Education Sector Council Partnership Project, a federally funded program to link sector councils with schools in the Toronto School District. (Toronto District School Board)
  • Classroom Assessment and Data-driven decision-making in the Greater Toronto Area Professional Network Centre. (MISA GTA Professional Network)
  • The role of the superintendent in supporting networked learning communities and beyond. (York Region District School Board)
  • Participatory evaluation framework for the Language Labs adaptive instructional technology program (Toronto District School Board)
  • Key features investigation of the Networked Learning Communities (NLC) project (UK National College for School Leadership)
  • Implementation evaluation of a community based resource model for special education (Toronto District School Board)
  • Large-scale reform: Life Cycles and Implications for Sustainability (Centre for British Teachers)
  • International audit of a multi-year educational underachievement policy (City of Rotterdam - the Netherlands)
  • Client satisfaction surveys and reports (Yellowknife 1 District School Board)
  • Participatory evaluation framework for an arts-based education program (Leafs Dreams - Toronto Maple Leafs)
  • An examination of large-scale reform in Ontario secondary schools (Social Science and Humanities Research Council)
  • The evaluation of the Manitoba School Improvement Program (Gordon Foundation).
  • The evaluation of the implementation of the National Literacy And Numeracy Strategies in England (UK Department for Education and Skills)
  • An examination of the response of the educational community to the accountability recommendations of the Education Quality and Accountability office (Ontario Ministry of Education)
  • An examination of elementary and secondary testing policies in Canada (Ontario Ministry of Education)
  • Development of an evaluation framework for a program aimed at managing diversity in the workplace (Employee Assistance Program)
  • A school amalgamation and reputation management study (Peel District School Board)
  • Evaluation planning for Ontario Schools in Needs of Extra Help initiative (The Starr Group Inc.)